How do we pack abrasives?

Best packagings for garnet

Our garnet is packed in a special type of bags – polypropylene bulk 1t big-bags. This flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or simply big bag is a standard container for storing, transporting and handling dry, loose materials such as garnet. First of all it's the most cost effective and ideal type of packaging for abrasive sand. The packagings are sewn by our strict standards. Their quality is always tested by pressure before packing to be sure that garnet is well packed and safe both during the transport and after.

We use an additional polyethylene film insert just to be sure that no humidity can threaten our packed sand and garnet remains dry even if client store it in challenging conditions. Every bag has also a vent at it’s bottom. As result of this solution work is easier with no need to cut the bag open. Therefore makes it possible to use it again p.ex. for the garnet waste management.

We offer sand in packaging listed below:

◼ Small bags 40 cm x 60 cm containing 25 kg of the material, packed and secured additionaly in one big-bag.
◼ A big bag 90 cm x 90 cm x 90 cm with the polyethylene film insert, containing 1000 kg of the abrasive material.
◼ For a special request we can also pack 24t into the bags of other specific dimensions.

Every bag has a printed trademark of Premium Garnet with a detailed description of the product.

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