Garnet Premium Alluvial

A few words about Premium Garnet abrasives

A wide variety of industrial blasting applications uses an abrasive garnet. If you’re about to cut tough materials such as metal or stone you’ll add an abrasive. Above all, cutting and blasting are our speciality.

Our garnets perform the best as waterjet and blasting media. These three types can be used in all types of waterjet cutting machines. Pink mineral garnet guarantees high durability and exceptional hardness. As a result it’s use ensures low material consumption. Due to the very high machinability it also works good for blasting dry and wet.

As a result of the precise selection of proper grain granulation, which is possible thanks to modern technologies, you receive a product of high quality at a very favorable price. We do our best to assure you get the abrasive that addresses your needs in the best way possible. All that because customer’s satisfaction is our main, most important goal. We deliver a constant supply of abrasive to improve work efficiency.

About our pink garnet – Premium Alluvial

Premium Alluvial is a sand in a pink hue, it’s grains has rounded edges. Above all alluvial is best known for it’s hardness and durability, hence it is the best garnet if you plan it’s reusage. It works likewise great as an abrasive blasting medium.

Most noteworthy is that our pink garnet gives the highest quality aftercut edges that don’t require any additional processing. It creates less dust when compared to other expendable abrasives. Alluvial is therefore a very effective abrasive for both WaterJet cutting and sandblasting. We have many different factions of garnet available, each providing a different result.

If you’re using a WaterJet machine, mesh 80 is the most universal faction. For regular abrasive blasting mesh 60 and mesh 80 work best. Mesh 120 and mesh 200 are the best choice for gentle blasting that results in an even surface.

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