About Premium Garnet

What’s Premium Garnet?

Garnet Premium is a leading supplier of garnet abrasive for waterjet cutting and waterblasting machines.

As one of few internationally recognised suppliers we guarantee stable, regular deliveries of the highest quality garnet abrasive regardless of the situation on the global market. We’re proud to be known as premium brand – it means that every step we take is thoughtful and made with the highest attention to detail. Starting with cleaning, sifting and consequently careful selection of grains, to finally end with the best packages to transport our products.

We help our clients to choose the garnet that suits best all their specific needs. Most noteworthy economic solutions, perfect for less demanding materials and these designed especially for even more challenging materials. All that while offering the highest quality and precision available.

Our customers appreciate our high level 24/7 service. Above all we’re here to help them no matter the time.

What makes Premium Garnet a brand clients can trust?

European leader

We’re a leading supplier of garnet for waterjet cutting and waterblasting in Europe.

Premium Brand

The highest attention to detail is our top priority.

Service 24/7

By deciding to put your trust in Premium Garnet you receive the top level service available 24/7.

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